Guardian 19055 High Power Dielectrometer

High power for the study of corona discharges


The Guardian 19055 and 19055C will allow you to erase your dielectric AC test (95kV to 100mA), DC (6kV to 25mA) and measure the insulation resistance of your systems all-characterizing corona discharges.

Supplier: Chroma


  • Version 19055C: For analysis of corona discharges
  • AC Dielectric Test (5KV / 100mA) & DC (6KV / 25mA)
  • Insulation Resistance: 1MΩ ~ 50GΩ (VDC Test: 5KV)
  • User protection: OSC, HFCC, GFI

The Guardian 19055 dielectrometer has been developed for tests requiring high power ratings (500VA) such as motors with high parasitic capacitances or the study of the phenomenon of corona discharge in transformers, photocouplers or insulating materials.

The Guardian 19055 dielectrometer is also equipped with the safety systems that have made the reputation of this range:

Floating and GFI outputs: Automatic emergency shut-offs when detecting a mass problem.

OSC and HFCC tests: verification of contacts before launching dielectric tests. 


  • 19055: AC / DC / IR dielectric tester
  • 19055-C: Dielectric tester AC / DC / IR with detection of corona discharges
  • Programming limits
  • Optional interface: GPIB
  • Standard RS232 Interface

Product applications

  • Engines
  • Insulating materials
  • Photocouplers

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