Guardian 19032 and 19032P Electrical Safety Tester

The most versatile tester on the market


The Guardian 19032 allows you to perform all the electrical tests required for UL, CSA, IEC accreditations: AC & DC Dielectrics, Insulation Resistance, Leakage Currents and Grounding.

Supplier: Chroma


  • 5 testers in 1
  • Time saving with Twinport sui technology allows simultaneous mass and Hipot mass testing
  • With option 6000-04 ~ 08 *, leakage current can be measured
  • Ability to integrate additional test channels

The Guardian 19032 and 19032P electrical safety testers allow you to perform all the electrical tests recommended by the international guidelines: AC Dielectric, DC Dielectric, Insulation Resistance, Leakage Currents, Mass Test, Leakage Current.

In addition, its TwinPort technology makes it possible to carry out dielectric and mass tests simultaneously, thus saving precious time.


  • Dielectric AC: 50 to 5000V // 40mA or 100mA with the model P
  • DC diode: 50 to 6000V // 12mA
  • Leakage currents: Measurement from 0.1μA to 9.999mA
  • Ground Bond Test: AC: 1 ~ 30A (40A, 60A option)
  • Insulation Resistance: From 100kΩ to 50GΩ

Product applications

  • Medical Device Testing
  • Compliance Test
  • Safety Testing of Electrical Transformers
  • Power supply testing