High Frequency LCR Meter 11050

The fastest LCR meter on the market


Designed to provide maximum accuracy for your impedance testing from 1KHz to 10MHz.

Supplier: Chroma


  • Parameters: L, R, Z, Y, DCR, Q, D, θ
  • Programming of BIN and GO / NO GO function
  • Equivalent Circuit: Series and Parallel
  • Remote control screen

HTDS offers you its new high-frequency RLC measurement bridge.

Benefiting from the long tradition of precision of our supplier, the specifications of the 11050 LCR meter make it the new reference of the market.

Multipurpose: Measured component: R, C, L, Z, Y, DCR, Q, D and θ

Fast: Measurement speed: 15ms

Accuracy: Basic accuracy 0.1%

Ergonomic: screen and remote control to limit the size of your cables (and increase the accuracy of measurement)


  • Frequency range: 0.1Hz to 10Mhz
  • Test voltage: 10mV to 5V
  • Measurement speed: 15ms to 295ms
  • 3 selectable output impedance modes: 100Ohm, 25 Ohm and OFF
  • Interface: RS232, USB, GPIB (optional) and LAN (option)

Product applications

  • Component testing
  • Test of materials