LCR Meter 7600Plus

For testing from 10Hz to 2MHz


The LCR meter 7600Plus allows you to test 14 impedance parameters from 10Hz to 2MHz.

Supplier: IET Labs


  • 14 measured impedance parameters (2 simultaneously)
  • Wide range of frequencies (10Hz to 2Mhz)
  • Up to 120ms / sec
  • Autocalibration and compensation of cables

The LCR meter 7600Plus measures more than 14 impedance parameters with an accuracy of 0.05% and frequencies of 0.5Hz to 2MHz. It allows to open all normative tests for components or materials. Simple to use with its menu on the front, it is ideal for your product development, pre-inspection or to test your production lines.

To further improve its accuracy it corrects the impedance of your cables and auto-calibration.

The 7600Plus meter is distinguished by the possibility of storing your test parameters on a USB key or directly in internal memory.


  • Frequencies 10Hz to 2MHz, resolution 0.1Hz
  • Test voltage / current: 20 mV at 5.0 V / 250 μA at 100 mA
  • Impedance: 25Ω, 400Ω, 6.4kΩ, or 100kΩ
  • Internal polarization voltage: 2V, external: +/- 200V
  • Interface: RS232, optional GPIB

Product applications

  • Component testing
  • Testing materials
  • Product Development
  • Test at reception or on line