MilliOhmmeter 16052

For measurements of very low resistances


The MilliOhmmeter CHROMA 16052 combines precision, ergonomics and reproducibility.

Supplier: Chroma


  • High measurement accuracy
  • LCD screen for better ergonomics
  • Fast measurements (15m / s)
  • Temperature correction (with optional PT100 probe)

The MilliOhmmeter 16052 is suitable for measurements of very low resistance (cables, relays…). It has been designed to provide an erganomic and high performance solution to the measurement needs of industrial test, maufacturing and academic laboratories.

Its accuracy of 0.05% in the range 1μOhms to 2MOhms makes it one of the most powerful instruments on the market. The measurements are done on 4 points with a Kelvin clamp provided which integrates an automatic zeroing function to bring you the highest possible precision.


  • Measuring range 1μOhms to 2MOhms on 8 ranges
  • Test current 1mA to 1A DC and pulse mode
  • Programming of bins
  • GPIB interface (optional), RS232
  • Driver LabVieW

Product applications

  • Tests on cables, relays
  • Electrical Safety Measures