MilliOhmmeter LOM 510

A MilliOhmeter for accurate low-resistance measurements


The LOM 510 is a programmable milliohmmeter for production tests of measurements from 1μΩ to 200Ω.

Supplier: IET Labs


  • Great quality for the price
  • 4-point measurement for accuracy

The IET LOM 510 with its display and front panel menu is ideal for simple and accurate measurement of very low resistance. Its precision of 0.05% and its range of measurement from 1μΩ to 200Ω make it one of the most versatile and efficient instruments on the market. 

The measurement is done in 4 points eliminating the wiring resistances and the DC mode makes it possible to suppress the EMF noises.

Suitable for production testing – the LOM 510 has a digital output. 

A large number of accessories can accompany your LOM-510 (Kelvin clamps, microelectrodes, calibration kit …)


  • 5 measuring ranges from 1μΩ to 200Ω
  • Constant current from 0.1mA to 1A
  • SW, DC and pulsed modes
  • Measuring speed: 3 measurements in two seconds

Product applications

  • Test in production of contact resistances, resistances of cables, relays
  • Testing fuses and heating elements
  • Resistance test for motor coils
  • Quality Assurance Test