Checkweigher 11D3

Checkweigher for large items

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Checkweigher for large format products and completeness check.


  • Compact and efficient solution
  • Ergonomic man to machine interface
  • Network enabled

With a maximum capacity of 40000 g, accuracy from ± 5 g and a production rate of 60 ppm, the 11D3 is a classic end-of-line instrument, suitable for checking sacks, cardboard boxes and barrels.

Detection occurs through a platform weighing system positioned on a belt conveyor. The electronic panel is equipped with a separate structure and is connected to the weighing system via a 3-metre cable. 

It has an IP54-IP65 degree of protection and can be paired with roller infeed and outfeed systems.



  • Weighing capacities : up to 25kg
  • Linear speed : Up to 30 m / min
  • Precision : from +/-2g

Product applications

  • Control of food products - pharmaceutical - prepackaged
  • Control thermoformed plastic, cardboard cases, pouches
  • Controls up to 300 pieces per minute