Checkweigher 31D3

High speed checkweigher


Checkweigher equipped with a feed conveyor screws with variable pitch for the separation of the products.


  • Compact and efficient solution
  • Ergonomic man to machine interface
  • Network enabled
  • certified System

The transportation plan consists of a series of parallel chains flat stainless steel mesh, not 3/8 “, sliding on a profile delrin. The engine is derived from the main group. The main structure is made of stainless steel. Motorization independent of the screw, servo-controlled electro-pneumatic, can start and stop this phase, based on a maximum-minimum storage upstream. This feature facilitates the entry of products on the group weighing even if the speed is high. replacement time of the screw is minimized and is obtained by the release of a nut. A solution that provides both performance and production optimization.


  • Weighing capacities : up to 1 600g
  • Linear speed : Up to 120 m / min
  • Precision : from +/-1g

Product applications

  • Control of food products, pharmaceutical products for cylindrical type jars, metal box
  • Controls up to 800 pieces per minute