Combi Compact combined checkweigher / metal detector

A performant and compact combined checkweigher / metal detector


The PRISMA CombiCompact 08D3 combines the accuracy and reliability of PRISMA checkweighers to a high sensitivity metal particle detector of the same brand.


  • Compact and efficient solution
  • Ergonomic man to machine interface
  • Network enabled
  • System certified for metrological use

A “two in one” solution that brings you both performance and space optimization.


  • Weighing capacities : up to 2 600g
  • Linear speed : Up to 100 m / min
  • Precision : from +/-0,5g
  • Detection of metal particles: from 1mm
  • Production : up to 200 CPM

Product applications

  • Control of food products - pharmaceutical - prepackaged
  • Control thermoformed plastic, cardboard cases, pouches
  • Neutral complex packets control