FoodGuard Food X-ray Analyzers

A high sensitivity system for the control of your foods


ORTEC's FoodGuard systems have been designed to provide an entire spectrum of your food control needs from an easy-to-use, reporting and analysis interface.

Supplier: Ortec


  • High sensitivity spectrometer
  • Easy to use / Compact, robust and stand-alone unit / Transport trolley
  • Measurement of activity in Bq / kilo or Bq / liter
  • Identification of radio-elements

HTDS propses two models:

FoodGuard 1: FoodGuard 1 meets the needs of fast measurements on food samples (solid or liquid). It is intended for producers, importers / exporters, customs …

3 “x 3″ NaI detector with digiBASE – 8% resolution (662 keV of 137Cs)

FoodGuard 2: FoodGuard 2 meets the most demanding requirements for measurements and identification of radioelements. It is intended for health agencies, veterinary laboratories, customs laboratory

Detector HPGe type PopTop with DSPecPro – Dewar 30L or electric cooling X-COOLER


  • NaI 3 "x3" or HPGE Range from 20 to 60%
  • Latest generation electric cooler
  • Lead protection for low background noise
  • Pre-installed and calibrated system
  • Configurable: sample type, alarms, nuclide lists, and analysis report

Product applications

  • Veterinary and customs measures
  • Measurements in manufacturing
  • Research laboratories
  • Measuring laboratories