Hot-Spot Locator: HLS-Lite & Plus

The HLS 500 makes visible radiation


The HLS 500 (Hot Spot Locator) camera makes radiation sources visible and allows you to view hazardous areas.


  • Autonomy > 12 hours
  • Integrated IPS and IP67
  • Simple mounting with tripod included
  • Tablet or hardened computer with Windows OS and SmartSpot software installed

The new gamma camera or HSL 500 hot spot locator allows you to locate and visualize the gamma radiation in a video image of the area to be studied.

Tested in Fukushima, the HSL-Lite is a fast, reliable and very precise solution particularly adapted to decontamination and safety activities. The HSL-Lite combines the actual image of your environment with the gamma radiation sources of the area. 

The HSL-Lite Gamma Camera is characterized by high sensitivity (0.01μS / h), ease of use and versatility.

The camera is available in two models:

• HSL-Lite: Standard Version, 6.5kg
• HSL-Lite-Plus: Standard Version with Lead Collimator, 10kg


  • Sensitivity Gamma: 0.3 MBq 137Cs @ 2m (5 nSv / hr) for a range of 60 keV to 1.5 MeV
  • Angular resolution <= 8 °
  • Capture time <3 minutes (0.46μSv / h in a noise of 0.23μSv / h)
  • Video Resolution 1024 * 768

Product applications

  • Site decontamination
  • Nuclear security (analysis of freight zones)
  • Medical radioprotection

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