X-Ray Scanner Dynamite X-FAN

A new generation of X-Ray scanners for ultra high sensitivity detections


The new RX Dynamite X-FAN combines the new generation of multi-energy Dylog detector with a more powerful RX generator (1000w). Innovation allows a greater sensitivity gain of up to 40%.

Supplier: Dylog


  • High sensitivity detection
  • Conveyor speed of up to 40m / min
  • Ideal for the detection of very low density contaminents
  • Excellent discrimination

Dynamite X-FAN is ideal for the food industry. It is ideal for applications involving a very low density contaminant (aluminium, teflon, PVC…). For example, for inspection of meat products the X-FAN now gives the possibility of detecting foreign bodies such as cartilage or bone and distinguishing the fatty mass from the good parts. Suitable for the main types of agri-food packaging (bulk and pre-packaged).


  • Environment: stainless steel frame, temperature 8 ° C to 30 ° C, relative humidity 0-90% non-condensing
  • Inspection tunnel: 600 x 150mm
  • Size Machine (WxD): 2100mm x 1540mm
  • Conveyor speed: up to 40m / min
  • Conveyor size: 2100m as standard (without rejection module installation)

Product applications

  • Bulk product inspection
  • Pre-packaged inspection