Detection and identification of chemicals : explosive, narcotic and chemical weapon


The rugged, compact Thermo ScientificTM GeminiTM analyzer meets the demanding requirements of first responders (elite military force and civil security), helping operators execute their mission quickly, safely and confidently.


  • Additional FTIR and Raman technologies
  • Quick and accurate identification
  • Lightweight and robust instrument
  • Ergonomic interface

FTIR – Raman : Complementary dual technologies

Raman and FTIR are highly specific and reliable identification methods, each with strengths and limitations. By integrating both into a single analyzer, operators harness the power of each technology while enabling a broader range of chemical identification.


  • Integrated Raman and FTIR technolgies
  • Fast and accurate identification
  • Lightweight and rugged instrument
  • Confidence in results
  • Easy to use

Product applications

  • Civil security
  • Military / Police
  • Sensitive site
  • High security perimeter