PINS3 -CW: Gamma spectrometer with portable neutron activation

The technology for detecting chemical agents and non-intrusive explosives


The PINS or Portable Neutron Spectrometer is the ideal tool for detection and identification of explosives or gases without opening the container and therefore with a minimum risk of contamination.

Supplier: Ortec


  • Rapid threat recognition
  • Non-intrusive recognition
  • Portable and hardened

Gamma neutron activation spectrometry is the ideal technology for the detection of dangerous chemical elements (explosives, chemical weapons, toxic elements…). It is non-intrusive, and therefore does not require the opening of the containers which could be ammunition.

The PINS3-CW will produce neutrons (the neutrons are very penentrating) that will interact with the compound to be analyzed and produce gamma rays, these specific radii for each element are identified/ analyzed, which allows us to know the chemical elements present and thus to detect a hazard.

The PINS3-CW  is a portable and hardened (battery operated) system, designed for use on all types of terrain – and the technology used allows very fast identification.


  • HPGE detector for best performance
  • Wide range of prerecorded compounds
  • Without radioactive source (neutron generator)
  • Electrical Detector Cooling (No nitrogen)
  • 12 hour battery life

Product applications

  • Identification of chemical weapons: BR-2, CG, CK, GB, HD, HN, VX, WL
  • Identification of irritant agents: CA, CNB, CNS
  • Identification of toxic gases: FM, FS, HC, WP
  • Identification of explosives

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