Gamma neutron spectrometer RadHUNTER

The performance of a laboratory spectrometer in a portable version


Gamma Neutron spectrometer offering high-level of  detection and identification performances, perfectly suited for example to the control of containers and vehicles by customs officers and police.

Supplier: Flir Systems


  • Available in NaI Gamma, LaBr3 Gamma and He3 Neutron
  • Portable with a hand control by integrated keyboard
  • Large color screen
  • Rechargeable battery, 8 hours battery life

The radHUNTER is an extremely sensitive and accurate portable digital instrument of radionuclides’ identification (riid). It is the result of more than eight years of development in digital signal processing electronics and in miniaturization. Moreover, it is the result of advances in detectors (NaI LaBr, He3).


  • Energy range: 20 keV - 3 MeV
  • Sensitivity (137Cs)> 2900 cps per Sv / h
  • Range dose rate: 0.000 mSv / h - 10.00 mSv / h
  • Sensitivity (neutron): 9 cps / nv ± 15%
  • Nuclide identification according to ANSI N42.34

Product applications

  • Fight against illicit transport of radioactive materials
  • Search industrial or medical lost sources
  • Detecting of dirty bombs, enriched fissile materials
  • Control of Cargo, vehicles and containers

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