IdentiFINDER GN neutron and gamma spectrometer

On field measurement, quick and precise


Combining gamma and neutron detection, the IdentiFINDER GN is an instrument widely used by security agents in order to detect radioactivity threats.

Supplier: Flir Systems


  • 4 possible tasks: Detects, locates, measures and identifies radionuclides
  • Automatic calibration and continuous stabilization
  • Digital signal processing
  • Visible, audible and tactile alarms

The identiFINDER GN instrument is an handheld, digital gamma spectrometers, with neutron detection capability. It is able to rapidly locate, accurately measure and precisely identify sources or contaminations from gamma radiation. It has also the ability to detect X-ray sources and neutron emission.


  • Gamma detection : same as IdentiFINDER G
  • Physical dimensions: same as IdentiFINDER G
  • Neutron detector: 3 He Proportional, 15 mm (0.591") × 54 mm (2.126"); 8 atm

Product applications

  • Anti-trafficking and transport of radioactive material
  • Lost medical or industrial radioactive sources research
  • Detection of dirty bombs and artificial fissile material

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