RadEye PRD Personal Radiation Dosimeter

Very high and fast response individual dosimeter


Especially designed for police, fire brigade and any operator working udner severe conditions, teh RadEye PRD offers precision and fast response.

Supplier: Dylog


  • Small and light, easy to handle
  • Clear and large display
  • Easy to use
  • Unique touch button for basic functions (alarme, bip, eclairage)

The RadEye PRD represents a high-performance measuring device for persons who are responsible for detecting and localizing radiation sources whether they be first preventers (border guards, customs agents, special forces and counter terrorisim teams) or first responders (emergency services and law enforcement). The RadEye PRD is 5000 – 100000 times more sensitive than typical electronic dosimeter.


  • Fast and accurate NaI(Tl)-detector with high quality µ-Photomultiplier
  • Measuring range: 0.01 µSv/h – 250 µSv/h (1 µR/h – 25 mR/h)
  • Energy Range (+/- 30 %) : 60 keV – 1.3 MeV (excellent detection from 30 keV)
  • Count Rate for Cs-137 (662 keV): 150 cps per µSv/h
  • Dimensions: 160 g (96 x 61 x 31 mm) - true “pocket meter”

Product applications

  • Individual protection against nuclear radiation
  • Anti-trafficking and transport of radioactive material
  • Detection of dirty bombs and artificial fissile material

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