RS200/300 Radiation portal monitoring system

A radiation detection portal for people and vehicles checking


The RS-200/300 systems are 2 PMT based fully digital systems specially designed for the difficult operating conditions and fast throughput for Cargo/Vehicles screening applications.


  • The system is fully modular which makes it easily configurable
  • Fully digital system design - no user adjustments
  • Adapted to external severe conditions

These systems combine exceptional performance with minimum false and nuisance alarms through advanced digital design and spectral analysis.


  • Detector volume: 23.5L, with maximum 16 detectors
  • 2 PMT technology for high sensitivity
  • High noise rejection 10/sec data sampling rate for optimum data analysis

Product applications

  • Anti-trafficking and transport of radioactive material
  • Check-point
  • Lost medical or industrial radioactive sources research

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