STRIDE radiodetection / identification beacon

A smart detection beacon to secure public places


The STRIDE's units of  detection and identification have been designed primarily for security installations in public places.

Supplier: Flir Systems


  • Rapid detection of the radioactivity presence
  • Quick and accurate identification of radioactive elements
  • Configurable sensitivity level
  • Remote connection

The detection unit is a beacon which works just like a gantry’s inspection of standard people. It offers an adjustable strap to guide the flow of people and has a weighted base.

This wireless system can be completely hidden. The base of the gantry, weighted lead for more stability, offers a space for a battery (batteries included) with a loading slot for an external battery charger.

It is supplied with a NaI 2 scintillation detector “diameter by 3″ long. It offers excellent sensitivity, even for small radioactive sources. The identification takes only a few seconds (depending on the nuclide, the number of nuclides, the activity of the source, the background noise and the presence or absence of screening).


  • Measuring range 20 keV - 3 MeV
  • Range of dose rate: 10 nSv / h - 100 mSv / h
  • Sensitivity of dose rate: 10 nSv / h

Product applications

  • Securing public places
  • Control of hospital waste

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