Electromagnetic scanner EMIS 6047 and 8075

Automatic screening devices for packages inspection


The EMIS designed to automatically detect detonators and metal components of explosive devices inside organic material in general.

Supplier: CEIA


  • Fully automatic detection of initiators and metal components of explosive devices
  • Ideal for inspection of perishable goods and organic products in general
  • Low-intensity electromagnetic field : uses no ionizing radiation
  • Complete data logging and traceability

Electromagnetic inspection is the most suitable and quickest method for checking non-metallic cargo. The advanced technology employed in the EMIS minimizes the interaction with the goods themselves and does not depend on visual interpretation of an image by an operator.


  • Tunnel useful area : 600 mm X 470 mm (model 6047) / 800 m X 750 mm (model 8075)
  • Weight : 500 Kg (model 6047) / 700 Kg (model 8075)
  • Adjustable, up to 3000 packs/hour
  • 0,5 ppm by weight detection sensitivity at maximum load

Product applications

  • Packages inspection