Walk through metal detector HI-PE Plus

Enhanced walk-through multi-zone metal detector


DGAC-STAC certificated. The metal detector HI-PE Multi Zone Plus uses the latest and advanced technology available today for the inspection of people in transit.

Supplier: CEIA


  • DGAC-STAC certificated
  • Fully compliant with new security requirements for guns and unconventional weapons
  • High Discrimination and throughput
  • Accurate Detection of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed-alloy metal weapons

The HI-PE Plus is a high performance walk-through Multi-Zone Metal Detector which meets all International Security Standards, maintaining a flow of high throughput. The use of the device is recommended for all applications requiring high security guarantee maximum protection with high flow passage and a minimum percentage of personal alarms due to metal objects. Electronic and mechanical manufacturing reliable and robust, easy installation, calibration with automatic reset and very high immunity to mechanical and electrical interference are the main features of this device.


  • Multi-zone display bar for “height on person” localisation
  • Exceptional Immunity to external interferences
  • High reliability and consistency of performance
  • Available in outdoor version (IP65)
  • Continuous self diagnostic system

Product applications

  • People screening

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