Carbon / Hydrogen / Nitrogen Determinator 628 Series


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Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen Determinator

The CHN628 represents the fifth generation of LECO Organic Elemental Combustion Instruments.


  • Maximize Throughput up to 14 analysis per hour while keeping Cost-Per-Analysis Low
  • Fastest analysis : result within 4 to 5 minutes for all the elements being determined and for all sample masses
  • Complies with AOAC, ASTM, ISO, AACC, and ASBC approved methods
  • Ability to handle macro sample mass to 750mg of solids and up to 1ml of liquids
  • Proven LECO combustion technology, allows system to analyze a wide variety of organic samples with high precision and accuracy under one method and calibration
  • Sulfur add-on module provides independent sulfur determination in less than 2 minutes
  • Simplified data handling, customizable data reporting/exporting
  • Enhance safety and convenience for maintenance routine