HTDS is a company specialised in the distribution and maintenance of state of the art detection systems in France and internationanly.

It was set up in January 2002 through a management buy-out by a team of Perkin Elmer executives. Relying on the complementarity of its founders’ competences and experiences, the company could, at the onset, enjoy the exclusitivity of marketing Perkin Elmer products both in France and in French speaking Africa. It managed to gain further the confidence of other world leaders in the hi-tech detection sector.

As well as Perkin Elmer, HTDS distributes a range of well established brands worldwide such as Applied Biosystems, Ametek, Rapiscan, Dylog, Ortec…) and holds major references in over 30 countries throughout the world.

HTDS emplys more than 90 people, of which 28 salespeople and over 30 service engineers dedicated to after sales support. The head office is in Massy, France and HTDS owns 5 subsidiary companies in Africa and the Middle East (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morroco and Tunisia), in order to be close to its customers and insure they get an optimum quality of service.


The goal of HTDS is to propose to its customers quality products and services. To achieve this, the company selects the leading systems in the world. HTDS’ expertise in the fields and technologies it proposes is the commitment to a customised quality assistance at all phases of a solution implementation : design, installation, training and maintenance.

HTDS supplies and maintains a wide range of solutions intended for the following markets :

Security : distribution and maintenance of security inspection machines ( X ray tunnels, Metal and dangerous Substances Détectors…) intended for airports, prisons and public buildings.
> Brands: Rapiscan, Suns,
> Distribution : France, Benelux, Cypres, Africa.
> Customers : civil aviation, ministeries, european commission, european parliament, ambassies, …

Product inspection (Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics) : supply and maintenance of X ray quality control equipment intended for the food industry.
> Brands : Dylog, Prisma Industriale
> Distribution : France, Swizerland, Benelux, Maghreb.
> Customers : Nestlé, Danone, CECAB-D’Aucy, Bonduelle, Campbell, Lactalis, ITM, …

Optoelectronics components : supply of optical components intended for the industry.
> Brands : Excelitas, Seoul, Upec…
> Distribution : France.
> Customers : Legrand, Cogema, EDF, EADS, …

Scientific Instrumentation : Distribution of Scientific Instrumentation intended for signal treatment and Photon Counters.
> Brands : Ametek, Scitec,
> Distribution : France.
> Customers : CNRS, CEA, Universities, ESRF, INSERM, Onera, etc..

Analytical Instrumentation – distribution and maintenance of a wide range of equipment, accessories and consumables intended for laboratories.
> Brands : Perkin Elmer, Général Electrics, Sotax, Malvern, Mettler Toledo…
> Distribution : Maghreb, Afrique francophone.
> Customers : Pfizer, GSK, Sonatrach, Avantis, Air Liquide, …

Nucelar instrumentation & Radioprotection – distribution of nuclear instrumentation solutions (Gamma & alpha ray detectors, NIM modules, spectrometers) and radioprotection (Contaminometers, débitmeters, dosimeters…).
> Brand : Ortec, ThermoFisher, Berthold,
> Distribution : Maghreb, Afrique francophone.
> Customers : EDF, Cogema, CEA, Marine Nationale, CNRS IN2P3, Universités, etc…

Electrochemical : Distribution of state of the art instruments and software for the Electrochemical field.
> Brands : Princeton Applied Research, Solartron
> Distribution : Maghreb, Afrique francophone.
> Customers : CNRS, CEA, Universities, EDF, Ifremer, Usinor, Ugine…

Life sciences : Distribution of solutions in the field of molecular biology, genomics intended for laboratories and scientific institutions. Customers: Universities, Hospitals, Forensics.
> Brands : Perkin Elmer, Applied BioSystems.
> Distribution : Maghreb, Afrique francophone (Pekin Elmer) – Algérie et Tunisie (Applied BioSystems).
> Customers : Universities, Hospitals, Forensics, etc…

Gas solutions (LGS) : Distributions of customised gas solutions for laboratories.
> Brands : Peak, Ultra filter, Junair, Atlas Copco.
> Distribution : France, Maghreb, Afrique francophone.
> Customers : CNRS, INRA, CEA, Hospitals, etc…