Multi-channel Battery Cycler with Impedance Measurement

The most advanced battery cycler incorporating EIS measurements


The result of the integration of the best frequency response analyzers and the largest manufacturer of cyclers.


  • Up to 192 channels
  • Up to 127 tests per channel
  • Complex Impendance Measurement

HTDS is pleased to offer you the most advanced range of battery test solutions on the market.

As a result of a partnership between Princeton Applied Research and Solatron Analytical for impendance spectroscopy and MACCOR for cyclers; our systems will allow you to thoroughly characterize your batteries.

Our multi-channel solutions (up to 192) can test batteries with ESR <1mOhms and program up to 127 test steps per channel. The fully integrated EIS (electrochemical impendance spectrometry) tests will allow you to measure very precisely:
- ESR: determination of ionic resistance and evolutions
- State of Charge (SoC)
- State of life (SoH): state of the battery in relation to the ideal after several cycles
- Our systems can also integrate temperature measurement and control



  • Voltage range: 2 - 10V
  • Current range: 300nA - 5A
  • Frequency range for EIS: 10μHz - 100kHz

Product applications

  • Characterization of batteries