Dropping Point Systems

Simple, Standard-Compliant and Video-Recorded


Dropping point determination has never been so easy.

Supplier: Mettler Toledo


  • Results reliability
  • Compliancy with recent standards
  • « One Click » Ergonomy – Intuitive, simple use
  • Simultaneous 2 sample measurement - productivity increase

With the innovative METTLER TOLEDO dropping point systems, you can determine dropping and softening points of pitch, asphalt, polymers, resins, waxes and many more materials with full automatic operation. Standard compliant cups and measurement methods guarantee comparable results. Simultaneous analysis of two samples delivers the mean value and the difference of the single results.


  • Temperature ange : from -20...25 to 400°C
  • Readability: 0,2…0,5°C
  • Sample flow: 12/hour
  • Sample quantity: 0,4-0,8g
  • Number of methods: 8

Product applications

  • Dropping point in compliance
  • Define the dropping point of your soap-thickened lubricating grease
  • Dropping point and polymers behaviour