129610A LHe/ LN2 Cryostat System

For your low temperature measurements


Complete cryostat for measurement from 5K to 600K with Solartron material analyzers (1260A, Modulab MTS ..).


  • Temperatures of 5K to 600K with liquid helium and 78K to 600K with liquid nitrogen
  • Protected Sample
  • Testing of solids, liquids, gels, powders ...
  • Connection two or four points

The Cryostat 129610A is a modified version of the Janish Research STVP. The model 129610A is designed to work from 5K to 600K, the sample is positioned in a dry, inert zone, without gas exchange which ensures that it is not in contact with cryogenic vapors.

The model 129610A works with liquid helium and liquid nitrogen, which allows the instrument to reach a very wide range of temperatures.


  • Type: Janis STVP-200 with specific development (static gas chamber)
  • Temperature stability: ± 0.05 K
  • Temperature Controller: Lake Shore 332S-T2
  • Solid electrodes (gold) included - liquid (option)
  • Optional: Dewar LHe and LN2 (option A1, A2, A3 and B1), TurboPompe (option C)

Product applications

  • Polymer development
  • Pharmaceutical and aerospace research
  • Semi-conductor research
  • Composite materials and coatings