CorrWare, Zplot and MultiStat Software

The most used software range


Developed in partnership with Scribner Associated the software CorrWare/ CorrView and Zplot/ Zview are now pleased to implement the most complex electrochemical experiments. 


  • More than 15 analytical techniques
  • Works with Solartron and PAR instruments
  • Zplot/ Zview: generator of equivalent schemes

Developed in partnership with Scribner Associated, CorrWare, Zplot and MultiStat control, analysis and visualization software are compatible with Solartron Analytical and Princeton Applied Research.

Corrware / Corrview: This software pair allows the control and analysis of DC experiments for corrosion, for the development of batteries and fuel cells and for general electrochemical experiments.

Zplot / Zview: This software pair allows the control and analysis of AC techniques: EIS, Impedance, Mott-Schottky, AC voltammetry, equivalent scheme.

Using the Corrware / CorrView and Zplot / Zview softwares will allow you to use all AC and DC techniques for electrochemistry and materials analysis.

Multistat: Allows the use of AC and DC techniques with the Solartron multi-channel Cell Test system (1470E and FRA). MultiStat integrates CorrView and ZView for optimal presentation of your results


  • Operating system: Windows OS
  • Requires a GPIB port

Product applications

  • Control and acquisition of your potentiostats
  • Generating graphics and reports