Analytical balance ML

Carefree weighing


Whether you are performing a simple routine operation or a complex weighing procedure, ML-T precision balances combine perfect performance and increased productivity to produce fast stabilisation times and reliable results.

Supplier: Mettler Toledo


  • Portability assured
  • LevelControl
  • Weighing guidance

Compact and portable, ML-T precision balances allow you to gain valuble space. Compact scale with an ergonomic design, a 4.5″ touchscreen, numerous integrated applications, battery operations and, of course, outstanding weighing performance and robustness. It also consists of the built in LevelControl function for easy leveling and integrated overload protection.


  • Maximum range: between 320g and 6200g
  • Display accuracy: 1mg to 0.01g

Product applications

  • Reliable weighing for quantity analysis