Torion T-9 GC-MS

Quick results, anytime, anywhere.


Combining lightness, speed and robustness, the T-9 Torion allows you  quickly analyze of various ground substances, volatile or semi-volatile chemical threats, explosives or dangerous substances.

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • Rapid plot of volatile and semi-volatile analysis
  • Rapid beginning and cycle time
  • Until 2:30 hours of autonomy
  • Portable solution (15kg)

His sensitivity makes the T-9 Torion the most efficient GC / MS laptop because it allows rapid analysis of these substances. Thus, the Torion T-9 provides a chromatographic resolution similar to that obtained in the laboratory. With Torion T-9, first responders have the ability to estimate quickly the most complex situations and make decisions on the spot. Combining Fast GC column and a Toroidal Ion Trap, the T-9 Torion performs analyzes in minutes after starting in total autonomy. However,, the intuitive interface and various accessories dedicated to the injection of samples allow fast access to information,  reduce the time of decision making and  meet the security objectives.




  • Small diameter LTM capillary GC for high speed, high resolution separation of chemical analytes
  • Rapid temperature programming delivers analysis times of under three min.
  • Sensitive and selective mass-based detection of a wide range of chemicals
  • Easy to operate with a color touch-screen display and simple navigation buttons

Product applications

  • First responder
  • Envrionmental analysis