NIR Spectrometer Inframatic 8600

An analyzer dedicated to flour and wheat grain


The Inframatic 8600 Flour Analyzer is a near-infrared spectrometer specially designed and optimised for the analsis of flour and grains.

Supplier: Perten


  • Only with precision packer
  • The most robust and solid instrument on the market for more than 35 years
  • Requires a laboratory shredder just life the FN & GM
  • Suitable for all environments

 With over 20 years of experience in near-infrared spectrometry in grain and flour, Perten Instruments, with more than 7000 appliances in service, is the worlds leading manufacturer of flour analyzers.
The fast measurement and the easy use of the Inframatic 8600 Flour analyzer saves time and money by providing instant reproducible analysis results.
By using the Inframatic 8600 the miller can optimize their milling and improve their gross margin. Its optical interfence filter unit is as precise as a network monochromator but for a lower investment and maintenance costs; it provides more flexibility in the choice of wavelength range.


  • Duration of analysis: approximately 20 seconds
  • Number of interfence filters: 7-20 (depending on application)
  • Parameters: Protein, Water, Ash, Hardness, Water absortion, Starch, Colour, Zeleny

Product applications

  • Analysis of raw materials
  • Optimization of products
  • Control of finished products