UV-visible Spectrometer Lambda 25/35/45

Double beam spectrometer for most demanding applications and highest standards

UV-visible Spectrometer Lambda 25:35:45

The Lambda 25/35/45 spectrometers are designed to ensure the best performance over the long term. The range of accessories available can meet most applications while guaranteeing reliable results.

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • Fixed or variable bandwidth
  • silicium diode detector
  • The protected optical

The Lambda 25, 35, 45 are the second generation of Lambda spectrometers. They became the standard in industries such as pharmaceutical indutry.Their specifications, including their very low stray light rate, guarantee to pass most stringent validation tests over the years. The wide range of accessories availble allow to get a solution adapted to most applications : online dissolution, automation, temperature control, sample turbidity, solid samples (…).


  • Spectral range 190 - 1100nm
  • Rate of 0.01% diffuse light
  • Wavelength accuracy + /-O1nm
  • Baseline + / -0.001 nm
  • Stability 0.00015 A / h

Product applications

  • pharmaceutical control
  • Biology (DNA, RNA, Protein)
  • Dosage
  • kinetic
  • Dissolution