DoughLAB Farinograph

Tests on the rheological performance of flour


The rheological properties of pastes approved by the AACCI for measurement of water absorption of flour, dough development and tolerance of the mixture.

Supplier: Perten


  • Quick method - 10 minutes
  • Two bowl sizes - 50 or 300g
  • Integrated bowl temperature control system
  • Calibrated in standard and traceable unit (Nm)

The DoughLAB is a versatile rheometer for the analysis of the behaviour of doughs in kneading. It is designed to characterize wheat, flour, recipes and mixtures – water absorption, development, stability and weakening. The farinograph uses a conventional kneader with two mixers. The parameters of the temperature program and of the energy developed during the kneading allow to simulate the industrial processes, to evaluate the performance of the production pastes and to subject pastes to particular shear conditions. Tests for specific applications are easily programmable – special breads, pizza, pastry, cookies, pasta, noodles and crackers. 


  • Power requirements: AC 220/240 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz, 1200 VA
  • Dimensions (HxDxW): 370 x 490 x 970mm
  • Net Weight: 91kg including bowl
  • Temperature range: 0-80°C (variable)

Product applications

  • Performance of protein and starch
  • Effects of ingredients and modifications
  • Mixtue modelling