Falling Time Analyzer FN1000

Dual station with muliple automatic functions


The FN1000 is the newest and most modern of all Falling Numbers models.

Supplier: Perten


  • The user pre-selects a FN mini analysis time with the "auto-stop" option
  • Isolated stirrer and stirring mechanism with reduced steam
  • Automatic start-up, automatic water level control, temperature and atmospheric pressure detection
  • Recalculates the FN results automatically.

The FN1000 offers many new benefits and its features are improved. It is a dual analysis system suitable for any user requiring reliable and high capacity analysis. 

World standard: The Perten Falling Number® models are the only validated instruments for Falling Number testing according to international standards: AACCI/No. 56-81.03, ICC/No. 107/1, ISO/DIS 3093.

Automatic water level control: the consistency of results is improved because the FN1000 automatically controls the level in the water bath.

Fungal Falling Number: The FN 1000 is equipped to test flours with addition of fungal alpha-amylase.

Altitude Correction: Above 600 m altitude the Falling Number results need to be adjusted for the lower atmospheric pressure. The FN 1000 includes a sensor which alerts the operator to activate automatic correction when required.

Optimized analysis time: A target FN value can be set on the FN1000 which represents not sprouted grain, and will automatically stop the test once this value is reached. It then pushes down the stirrers and reports the results as greater than the input target value – e.g. “275+”

Auto start: When test tubes are placed in the water bath the FN 1000 starts the test automatically while awaiting confirmation from the operator.


  • Tests additive flours of fungal enzymes
  • Automatically controls the level of the water bath
  • Touch screen operation

Product applications

  • Milling and bread making
  • Pasta and noodle manufacturing
  • Malting