Differential scanning calorimeter DSC8000/8500

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The only DSC with two ovens, for more flexibility and unmatched performance.

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • 2 furnaces under 2g for more performance
  • Wide range of accessories for more flexibility
  • Coupling: photocalorimeter, Raman

With its patented double oven technology, based on the power compensation and directly measuring the heat flux, the DSC8000 offers unique performances to access more information about your samples. With symmetrical ovens of less than 2g, the heating and especially cooling speed give access to applications one coudn’t reach with conventional ovens, such as the simulation of a hardening sample process. Because laboratories today are always looking for more information about their samples, the DSC8000 is designed to provide flexibility: wide temperature range, HyperDSC, MT-DSC, UV photocalorimetry for coupling, high pressure celulle (… ).


  • Operating principle: power compensation
  • Temperature range -180 ° to 730 ° C
  • Heating rate up to 300 ° C / min
  • Cooling rate up to 150 ° C / min
  • Scalable Hyper DSC

Product applications

  • Polymer, plastics
  • materials development
  • academic research
  • Pharmaceutical control
  • Food