1685Plus MegaOhmmeter

Measures resistance up to 100TΩ


The 1865Plus megaohmmeter measures resisitances of more than 100TΩ and voltages of 1000V.

Supplier: IET Labs


  • Measurement of resistances from 1kΩ to 100TΩ
  • Programmable test voltage from 1V to 1000V
  • Removes impedance from cables
  • Direct playback on LCD screen

The 1865Plus megaohmmeter has been developed to allow precise measurements on a wide variety of electronic components and devices requiring very high precision measurements. The 1965Plus measures resistances greater than 100TOhms with an accuracy of 0.5%  and a voltage of more than 1000V.

To gain versatility and ergonomics, the 1865Plus has an LCD screen that allows programming through an intuitive user interface. It also has several interfaces that you can connect to your computer.


  • 7 adjustable or automatic ranges
  • Current measurement 1pA at 1mA
  • Measure 4 points
  • 500Mb of internal memory
  • Interfaces I / O, RS232, GPIB (option)

Product applications

  • Component testing
  • Testing materials
  • Product Development

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