X-250 XRF


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The Fastest XRF for Alloys sorting

The X-250 SciAps is a portable XRF (Fluorescence X) analyzer designed from the ground up to be the fastest metal sorting equipment available. Result of more than 30 years of experience of our teams in the sale of analyzers to metal recyclers, it upsets the received ideas.


  • Sort 90% of your aluminum alloys in 2 seconds (including those with as little as 0.25% Mg),At Last…An X-ray gun that’s as good on aluminum as it is on high temps, stainless and turnings.
  • The great performance you’ve come to expect on high temps, stainless, red metals, specialty alloys and turnings.
  • Lowest cost of service in the industry. Tube or detector replacements are less than half the competition. At SciAps we view service as a loyalty program, not a profit center.