LactoScope FTIR

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The LactoScope FTIR Milk Analyzer method is AOAC and IDF approved for the analysis of fat, protein, lactose, and total solids in milk. It's a state-of-the-art instrument, with modern FTIR optics, and simple to use but powerful software. The LactoScope FTIR can test other products such as cream, yogurt and whey thereby increasing its value and versatility.


  • Auto-Clean and Auto-Zero automatically maintain sample pumping unit and measuring cell.
  • Sample pre-heat and homogenization standardize the temperature and particle size of the fat globules.
  • Intuitive software means rapid implementation with minimal training. Calibrations and data can be password-protected. Compatible with LIMS systems.
  • Instruments are pre-loaded with calibrations for all dairy applications. Ready-to-analyze standard products for fast startup and implementation.