Accessories for Portable XRF Analyzers

A complete range of tools and consumables facilitating the work of operators


The complete range of accessories for XRF analyzers makes it possible to find the right tools to improve the working conditions of the operators.


  • Fixed measuring stand/ bench or laptop
  • Telescope pole/ Thermal shield
  • Sample preparation kit
  • Bluetooth printer, GPS Instrumentation

Our portable XRF analyzers allow us to achieve very high levels of performance in terms of analysis. In addition to the quality of the results, it is essential to offer safe, comfortable, fast and ergonomic working conditions.

A complete range of accessories for the XRF analyzers is available in order to optimize the use of all the XRF analyzers in the range. This range includes various types of stand / sample holders to comfortably and accurately perform medium to long run analyzes, mini printers for report management, consumables for mining applications, high temperature protection, etc.


  • Portable Smartstand - lightweight
  • Bulk sample kit or thin sample kit

Product applications

  • Aiding XRF analyzers
  • Portable analysis