Analyzer Niton XL3 GOLDD+

High-end portable XRF analysis solution


The Niton XL3 GOLDD+® is a portable XRF spectrometer for measurements on fast and accurate sites.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Point and Shoot technology
  • Analysis of all forms of sample
  • Analysis of light elements

With its ergonomic design and ease of use, it offers a non-destructive method ideal for easily analyze more than twenty-five elements sulfur to uranium. Designed specifically for use in harsh environments, it is a portable solution for a job in the field. Moreover, thanks to its technology Point and Shoot, it allows, with ease, virtually instantaneous detection with a simple push of a button. Niton introduced a revolutionary new generation of portable XRF analyzers, combining cutting-edge electronics with the ray tube X the most powerful ever used in a portable device.

With its embedded software, this lightweight analyzer offers transfers data directly to your PC or network storage device, eliminating cumbersome data synchronization procedures required by XRF Windows Mobile®.

The advantage GOLDD (Geometrically Optimized Large Area Drift Detector): the GOLDD technology offers vast improvements in sensitivity and measurement times. Indeed, it allows an analysis up to ten times faster than conventional Si-PIN detectors, and up to three times more accurate than conventional SDD detectors.

Usable by all, its analytical performance are the global benchmark in metallurgy, minerals or soil pollution analysis. Niton XL3 The GOLDD + is the tool you need: this is your field staff laboratory for fast and reliable elemental analysis.


  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic
  • Field device resistant to water and dust projections
  • GOLDD detector

Product applications

  • Identification and sorting of metals and alloys for recycling and trading
  • Analysis of soil and rock composition on archaeological sites
  • Analysis for exploration and geochemical prospecting
  • Detection and quantification of heavy metals and halogenated compounds in plastics, toys, clothing, paintings, ...