Zetium XRF

Zetium XRF

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) is capable of elemental analysis of a wide range of materials, including solids, liquids and loose powders. Designed to meet the most demanding process control and R&D applications, the Zetium spectrometer leads the market in high-quality design and innovative features for sub ppm to percentage analysis of Be to Am

Supplier: Panalytical


  • Power upgrades from 1 to 2.4, 3 or 4 kW for enhanced sensitivity
  • Range of X-ray tube anode materials Rh, Cr, Mo and Au for specific application performance
  • Duplex detector for enhanced sensitivity and wider dynamic range for transition metals analysis
  • HiPer scintillation detector for increased dynamic range for heavy elements (linear up to 3.5 Mcps) ideal for high precision analysis of Nb and Mo in steels

Building on years of experience and success with our extensive analytical X-ray portfolio, Zetium represents a revolutionary step in materials analysis. The platform embodies SumXcore technology – an integration of WDXRF, EDXRF and XRD.

This unique combination of possibilities puts Zetium in a class of its own with respect to analytical power, speed and task flexibility in multiple environments.

Dedicated industry editions of the Zetium XRF spectrometer are offered for specific industries: cement, minerals, metals, petrochemicals and polymers & plastics. The Ultimate edition configuration meets the most demanding requirements regardless of industry.


  • Advanced analytical hardware requires advanced analytical software and expertise
  • Transparent and reliable support no matter the location
  • Continuous development, improved customer experience

Product applications

  • Routine analysis of coal fly ash
  • Trace analysis of Pt, Ph and Rh in automotive catalysts
  • Trace element analysis of organic-rich samples using Zetium and Pro-Trace
  • Zetium - Trace element analysis of Mg, Al, P, Ca, Ti and Zn in polymers using Zetium