UV-visible Spectrometer Lambda 750/950/1050

A reference in the field of optical measurements

UV-visible Spectrometer Lambda 750:950:1050

UV-Vis spectrometer and Near Infra-red dual beam, double monochromator and a linear range up to 7 A. 

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • Range UV-Visible and NIR
  • Sample and detector compartments removable
  • double monochromator

The Lambda 750, 950 and 1050 are the reference in the field of UV-visible and NIR. Used in most demanding fieds (glasses, coatings, thin films, biology …), they offer performance and versatility. With a unique design in which sample compartments and detector compartment are removable, you can modulate your optical design for best performance over the entire spectral range.

With its range of accessories (reflection, transmission, fixed or variable angle, polarization, sphere etc. …), these spectrometers offers otpimale configuration for the toughest applications or optical measurements, over a spectral range extended.


  • Spectral range 175 - 3300nm
  • Rate of 0.00007% diffuse light T
  • Photometric range 8A
  • Wavelength accuracy + /-W, 08nm UV
  • Baseline +/-0,0015A

Product applications

  • Optical measurement
  • Thin layer
  • Biology
  • Characterization of materials
  • color analysis