UV-visible Spectrometer Lambda 650/850

Spectrometer UV-Visible high performance for the toughest applications


Spectrometer UV-Visible double beam, double monochromator and a linear range up to 7 A. 

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • double monochromator
  • Sample and detector compartments removable

The Lambda 650 and 850 are the UV-visible spectrometers combining the best performance and flexibility ! Double monocromateur and high sensitivity detector ensure unrivaled performance on a wide dynamic range. With its unique design where sample compartment and detector compartments are removable, you can modulate your optical design for best performance on the toughest applications : absolute or relative specular reflection, transmission, variable angle, polarization …

With its range of accessories, these spectrometers offers optimal configuration for the toughest applications or optical measurements.


  • Spectral range 175 - 1100nm
  • Rate of 0.00007% diffuse light T
  • Photometric range 8A
  • Wavelength accuracy + /-W, 08nm
  • Baseline +/-0,0015A

Product applications

  • Optical measurement
  • Thin layer
  • Biology
  • Characterization of materials
  • color analysis