BioCapture 650 air sampler

An air sampler, mobile and autonomous, dedicated to the detection of biological agents


Part of the Biological agents detection process, the BioCapture allows to gather samples for further anaysis.

Supplier: Flir Systems


  • Single button operation
  • Deployment ready for emergency use
  • Collects typical agents released in a bio-threat attack
  • Highly operable in sand, dust and inclement environments

The BioCapture 650 is cutting edge air sampling technology packed in a rugged light-weight package. Large single-button operation means responders can quickly execute the sampling mission and proceed to other objectives.


  • Sampling Flow Rate 200 liters per min
  • Particle Size Collection 0.5-10 microns
  • Sampling Times 5, 15, and 30 min
  • Weight 7.5 lb

Product applications

  • Hazmat Emergy first response
  • Detection of biological threats on war scened

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