Pitagone F-11 Rams Anti-Roll Barrier

Unique and mobile solution to rams


PITAGONE barriers are designed, developed and produced in Belgium.

Supplier: Pitagone


  • Unique and mobile solution against rams
  • Fully portable and easily movable barrier
  • Stops vehicles, even in hostile situations
  • Quick and easily assemby without tools

Capable of stopping a vehicle lauched an medium speed, they make it possible to secure access to areas deemed to be at risk. Robust and compact they are capable of resisting the impact of a 7,5 tons vehicle launched at 48 km/h.

For greater ease of deployment, PITAGONE anti-rams barriers are fully modular and can be adapted to all surfaces and terrains (including footpaths and slopes). The modules composing a solution meet a weight and a moderate size for easy storage and transport.

Resistant; they require minimal maintenance for a long service life.


  • Height: 100cm
  • Weight: +/- 60kg (assembled)
  • Distance between two modules: 80cm

Product applications

  • Check points
  • Securing events
  • Executive and VIP protection
  • Anti-terrorist measures

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