Inspection trailers for the tourism port of Nice

26 June 2019 ─  /  Security  by Etienne Moudarres

HTDS constantly seeks to adapt to the business problems of its customers. With this in mind, we were asked in early 2019 by the port of Nice to work on a mobile baggage inspection solution dedicated to the cruise / maritime tourism industry.

The port authorities sought to inspect the passengers at the time of boarding / unboarding regardless of the mooring dock of the vessel. To meet this application HTDS worked on a tailor-made solution with the integration of an RX system on a trailer.

For the creation of trailers HTDS has teamed up with the Spanish company PROSELEC, which has integrated our 624XR X-ray scanners and added an operator station protected from awnings in bad weather.

If a first order of two units has been passed, the success of the solution suggests new orders fairly quickly.

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