Vehicle inspection RX Eagle M10

Inspection containers and vehicles

Vehicle inspection RX Eagle M10

Eagle ® M10 combines exceptional image quality and robustness of Rapiscan Systems light equipment and running quickly.

Supplier: Rapiscan


  • Fully autonomous mobile solution ideal for the detection of contraband
  • Rapid deployment and simplified
  • Low exclusion zone and reduced environmental constraints

Designed based on the Eagle ® high-energy systems that have proven themselves on the field, the M10 Eagle ® system was built on a truck chassis classic and can be used by the military or any independent body. This inspection system allows the operator to detect objects that contain explosives, narcotics, agricultural products, weapons and other prohibited product. Eagle ® M10 System road trip through any kind of time and can operate in most countries without special permission.


  • Energy X-Ray: 1 MeV
  • Arm position: driver or passenger side according to specifications
  • Deployment time: 20 minutes

Product applications

  • ports
  • Military / Police
  • sensitive sites
  • Customs