Vehicle inspection RX Eagle M60

Inspection containers and vehicles

Vehicle inspection RX Eagle M60

Eagle ® M60 combines exceptional image quality and robustness of Rapiscan Systems full mobility and power unmatched inspection making it the most powerful mobile market system.

Supplier: Rapiscan


  • Mobile solution
  • rapid deployment
  • Totally autonomous system
  • high penetration

Designed on the basis of high-energy Eagle systems that have proven themselves on the field, the Eagle ® M60 is mounted on a Mercedes high quality truck chassis. This inspection system allows the operator to detect objects that contain explosives, narcotics, weapons and other prohibited product. Eagle ® M60 System road trip on any type of weather.


  • Energy X-ray 6MeV
  • Arm position: driver or passenger side depending on the model
  • Deployment time: 20 minutes

Product applications

  • ports
  • Military / Police
  • sensitive sites
  • Customs