Portal for the X-ray inspection EAGLE P60

Portal for the X-ray inspection EAGLE P60

The Rapiscan Eagle P60 is an inspection gantry type "Drive-thru" vehicles with high energy on a reliable and efficient control system.

Supplier: Rapiscan


  • X-ray inspection high energy
  • easily relocatable
  • High rate of operation

Rapiscan Eagle P60 is a 6 MV X-rays to a penetration of over 400 mm steel version High Penetration (HP) system. The resulting high-definition images allow inspection of dense cargo thereby reducing the need for manual inspection.

Its flexibility allows quick inspection of trucks or other vehicles at ports, borders or any other sensitive area. Its system of traffic control and display provides automatic and continuous control with a speed of more than 180 vehicles per hour. The X-ray activation is automatic once the vehicle cab has passed the gantry. And occupants are not exposed to an overdose of radiation. Images of scans are sent to a local close to be monitored and evaluated. The gantry structure which supports the source of the accelerator and the X-ray detector is designed for quick release.


  • 6 MV X-ray energy
  • Inspection of 0.4 m to 4.5 m high x 2.8 m wide fields
  • Inspection Speed ​​Up 8 km / h
  • Speed ​​up to 180 vehicles per hour
  • Penetration: 340 mm steel (P6002) 400 mm steel (P6001HP)

Product applications

  • Control Vehicle
  • FRET controls