Boost your electrochemical analysis

05 April 2019 ─  /  Electrochemistry & electrical testing  by Farice Moudares

A technological leader in electrochemistry and electrical analysis, our partner Solartron Analytical is evolving Modulab, the flagship product of its range. Modulab becomes Modulab XM with three versions for more precision, more stability and less noise on your most demanding applications ELECTROCHEMICAL ANALYZES with the Modulab XM ECS The Modulab XM ECS has been designed to bring you optimal precision in your voltammetric studies , energy, corrosion and impedance. The Modulab XM ECS is the most efficient potentiostat / galvanostat on the market:
• 64MS / s scan
• 100V compliance and polarization
• 2A current • Current / voltage resolution: 1μV / 1.5fA
• Electrochemical impedance: 10μHz to 1MHz MATERIAL ANALYSIS with the Modulab XM MTS The Modulab XM MTS has been specially designed to give you the greatest precision for the analysis of your materials, it is the only instrument to associate AC and DC measurements.
Applications and studies
• NanoMaterials
• Polymers
• Ceramics
• Dielectrics
• Semi & Super Conductors SOLAR CELL ANALYSIS with Modulab DSSCLe Modulab DSSC is the only instrument including a test bench specifically for photoelectrochemistry measurements including a Grätzel total cell characterization program (DSSC or solar cells). third generation) .
• Characterization of grätzel cells
• Photo-electrochi
• Photocurrent spectroscopy in modulated light
• Intensity modulated photovoltage spectroscopy (IMVS)
• Impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
• Load extraction measurement
• Electrochemical standard dies (voltammetry, tafel …)

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