COVID-19: a screening by potentiostat in a few seconds, it's possible!

19 June 2020 ─  /  Electrochemistry & electrical testing  by Camille Bertrand


A new study highlights the possibility to detect covid19 in only a few seconds thanks to our portable potentiostats!

Epidemics such as the one the world is currently facing with the emergence of COVID-19 can be better managed thanks to the availability of efficient, fast, portable, connected and inexpensive diagnostic devices.

With this in mind, the team of Sabine Szunerits from the University of Lille, together with Alain Rossel from the Laboratory of Host-Pathogen Interactions (AFMB) at the University of Aix-Marseille and David Devos from the University Hospital of Lille have developed a viral electrochemical biosensor.

This innovation in research was made possible by the cutting-edge technology of the Sensit Smart, the smallest potentiostat in the world, designed by Palmsens and marketed by HTDS.


Thanks to the portability of this diagnostic tool, with a response time in just a few minutes, and effective in terms of sensitivity and specificity, the laboratory can meet the need for rapid diagnosis in emergency care situations (admissions, hospitalizations, invasive and surgical procedures, etc.).


In addition, this diagnostic tool will limit contamination and blind containment measures since it provides the infection status of the person in real time. The sensor is currently undergoing clinical testing at the Lille University Hospital Center and is expected to be very promising in the near future. Thanks to all the research teams for this great collaboration and scientific progress.


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